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For Togetherness Of Entertainment Industry In Uganda

About Us

The Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) is an umbrella organization that represents the interests of musicians in Uganda. It was founded in 2023 and has since been working towards the promotion, protection, and development of the music industry in the country.

The UNMF brings together musicians from various genres and backgrounds, including traditional, gospel, pop, and hip-hop across the country. UNMF provides a platform for musicians to network, collaborate, and share resources.


To promote and protect the interests of musicians in Uganda by providing a platform for collaboration, networking, and advocacy. The federation seeks to empower musicians through capacity building, training, and mentorship programs, and to promote the development of the music industry in Uganda by advocating for policies and regulations that promote fair compensation, copyright protection, and access to funding and resources. Ultimately, the Uganda National Musicians Federation aims to improve the livelihoods of musicians in Uganda and to contribute to the growth and development of the music industry in the country.

The federation’s main objectives include advocating for the rights of musicians, promoting professionalism in the industry, and creating opportunities for members to showcase their talents. It also works with government agencies and other stakeholders to address issues affecting the music industry, such as copyright infringement, piracy, and lack of infrastructure.


UNMF is here for the togetherness of Entertainment and Entertainment


UNMF is here to develop the Entertainment sector to the best level


We are here to drive the Entertainment sector to success in Uganda.

Our Vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable music industry in Uganda that celebrates our rich cultural heritage, fosters creativity and innovation, and benefits musicians, audiences, and the wider community.

Eddy Kenzo

Sheebah Karungi

Bebe Cool

What Musicians Say About UNMF

All Ugandan Musicians are very happy with UNMF's mission

Spice Diana

Ugandan Musician

 As it is said, together we can. UNMF is here to bring together all musicians in Uganda. 

Gravity Omutujju

Ugandan Musician

 Am so happy with the formation of UNMF, Music sector is now growing faster every day

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